Our Mission

To transform each Individual with a Holistic approach towards Personal Growth and Development, as Self Development is a life - long learning process...!!!

IQ   |   EQ   |   SQ

Our Vision

Education gives us Knowledge, Knowledge develops Skills & with Skills each Individual and thus Human race will experience Growth....!!!

Knowledge & Education is Key to Success

Our Offerings

  • Orientation/ Personality Deve Progm for Academic Institutions/ Professional Colleges
  • Skill Enhancement / Core Competency Development Workshops for Industries, Corporates
  • Mentoring/Customised Workshops for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Innovation/ Ideation Centers
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The IES Mantra - For Success, Growth, Wealth & Happiness


As we all know, various Vedic  Mantras are a Powerful tool to activate many Positive  aspects  in our life .

The  IES Mantra  ideology is all about  a Holistic approach towards Personal Growth & Development with proper balance of 'I" - Intelligence , "E' - Emotional Wellness and  "S" - Spiritual Balance.

In major part of a Professional's career Journey, this balance plays a vital role to achieve Success with Consistent and Continuous Growth. Thus , one can have an abundance of Wealth, with Spiritual balance and Inner Happiness.....

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